My name is Mara Alexeev. I currently live in New York City, but I grew up on a farm in central Iowa. In fourth grade I was in love with space and wanted to be a part time astronaut and part time farmer. While those dreams have not yet been realized, I have completed a combined pediatrics residency and masters of public health at Oakland Kaiser Permanente and at UC Berkeley in May 2016, respectively. 

"I can run this computer, Dad."  -Me, Spring 1989

"I can run this computer, Dad."

-Me, Spring 1989

Currently, I am applying to fellowships in Clinical Informatics with a hopeful start Summer 2020. Wish me luck!

I love learning human and computer languages. I’ve had a long love affair with Russian and German, and recently became interested in American Sign Language (but also the Russian Manual Alphabet!) and Norwegian. On the computer front, I’m learning R and specifically enjoy data visualization and open and reproducible analysis and research.

Interested in connecting or collaborating? Send me a message from the bottom of my Welcome page or on Twitter!