Our House Menu

☆ denotes a house special  

 Dishes with 🅅egan or ⓥegetarian denote dishes that are either already in that style or amenable to it


☆ ⓥ Dates stuffed with goat cheese and thyme, wrapped in bacon

☆ ⓥ Avocado soup topped with crab and shrimp

☆ ⓥ Salat Olivier, personal recipe -- Russian New Year’s salad

Holodets -- a Russian/Ukrainian aspic

Seledka pod shuboy -- Russian “herring under a fur coat”

🅅 Butternut squash soup, topped with apples and crème fraîche

🅅 Gazpacho

Cranberry pecan chicken salad

🅅 Salad with secret dressing

Seared mackerel


☆ 🅅 Ethiopian: injera, special kitfo, gomen, lentil stew

☆ ⓥ Eggs benedict with smoked salmon and kale

☆ ⓥ Buckwheat blini (crêpes) topped with salmon roe and crème fraîche

☆ Poke -- Hawaiian “fish salad”

☆ Beef tongue (lengua) tacos

☆ Three-pork soup

Dijon sirloin steak

ⓥ “Paella”

ⓥ Ratatouille

Rack of lamb alongside silky smooth sweet potato

48- or 72-hour short ribs

ⓥ Emma’s “#3 pizza” -- sweet potato, caramelized onions, and goat cheese

🅅 Açaí bowls with seasonal fruit


☆ 🅅 Caramelized peaches topped with yogurt

☆ ⓥ Baked brie with jam

ⓥ Semolina kasha with jam

ⓥ Zucchini bread

ⓥ Rhubarb custard pie


☆ 🅅 New Orleans iced coffee

Fruit Punch

☆ ⓥ Eggnog

☆ 🅅 Spicy margarita

🅅 Tom Collins

🅅 Bourbon whiskey sour

🅅 Kvass (requires several day notice for preparation)