General Principles

Our cooking style has several major sources of inspiration and guidance. Two are books: How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman and The Professional Chief by the Culinary Institute of America. These books were the first serious introductions we had to cooking. We also find a wealth of inspiration from J. Kenji López-Alt at Serious Eats with special appreciation for his devotion to experimentation and crisp documentation. My favorite cookbook is Kachka by Bonnie Frumkin Morales



The kitchen probably has some of the most dangerous elements of the home: flame and high heats, knives and sharp tools, sources of harmful bacterial or toxin exposure, steam and hot liquids. I have burned myself and cut myself in my own kitchen and, along with a group of friends from medical school, been the sad victim of food poisoning from a restaurant. 

My number one goal in a kitchen is safety. We have an expectation in our kitchen that there should NEVER been any injuries. This is an ongoing process that has produced some robust systems that keep us safe, but our safety protocols are constantly being revised and expanded. 



While there are certainly variables that are difficult to replicate in a home--like the wild yeast that ferment Lambics--many foods can be done well or excellently at home. Despite what people claim.

One of my biggest frustrations early on in cooking was failure of replication. Sometimes I was to blame for poor execution, but I soon realized that many recipes had serious errors. 

Some of my favorite tools to create great food are so simple and affordable, but I only rarely see them in other home kitchens: a kitchen scale, a food thermometer, and well-kept recipe documentation. 



Hosting friends and family for a meal is a huge source of joy for me. I love to record what I have done, so that I can do better in the future and share my experiences with others to save them from making the same mistakes as I have. 

I also write and document my kitchen adventures to create a family recipe book that is both practical in application and personal--capturing family events and moments together cooking and eating.