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Creating a new cv with R!

Because I hate reformating my CV

I was searching online on writing CV’s with R. I found a great package datadrivencv that has a great template to create a CV from a spreadsheet that keeps your career information tidy and in one place, and allows you to use the same source to create different versions of a CV from minor modifications.

Another side benefit of this, is it encourages you to store you career info in one place instead of just scattered about!

I have already made some modifications; for example in the spreadsheet that I copied for myself from the creator’s version, I added a notes columen to each sheet to have a place to keep information that doesn’t fit nicely into any column yet, or for a place to put my to do. I want to figure out encoding in the process to get Cyrillic characters to turn up, but I don’t want to be shaving a yak, but don’t want to forget about it.


This is all in preparation for a CV workshop I am going to be doing with R-Ladies Boston. I think this is the first workshop I have done, and certainly the first workshop for R I have done. So excited.