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COVID-19 in Massachusetts


I saw a tweet today that inspired me to put my newfound skills in flexdashboard to use. I might be biting off too much to chew but isn’t that always the case!!

Here’s the inspirational tweet: Screenshot of tweet about COVID in MA

A few things that I want to think about and do for this. - I want to create a very simple flexdashboard - I want to figure out how to display the flexdashboard on my blog - I want to learn a few simple things about a maps package to put on the flexdashboard and hopefully be able to allow for a viewer to hover over the county and see the name and specific details about the county - Learn how to embed tweets directly on the blog


I would like to take some of the data released by the state of Massachusetts from this past week to create a flexdashboard that tells you about the number of new cases, displays a map with some hover over text/additional information present, and has a gauge that is red/yellow/green based on what the state thinks is the overall status of cases are for the week.

Raw data from Massachusetts

Displaying dashboard

Due to how blogdown works, having a flexdashboard as a post on the blog doesn’t seem to work, but it seems possible to link to the Rmarkdown document that will appropriately render.

Draft of my very first flexdashboard

Embeding tweets

I wanted to directly embed the journalist’s tweets on the website. I found some online advice on this and it crashed my site! I did a work around by just putting in a link and then a screenshot of the tweet, but that seems a bit lame. I want to dig a bit deeper to see what the clever way is to do so.