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RStudio Cloud to Github to Website

It works!! But first it doesn’t

Yesterday I took some notes from a R Markdown workshop at R/Medicine 2019 and wanted to post them to my website. I ran into troubles!

I wanted to start making blogging from within RStudio Cloud easy. I use a Chromebook, and it isn’t easy to install R into my particalar Chromebook, though other Chromebooks have the capacity. I also am a huge RStudio Cloud user, so wanted to finally integrate my blogdown blog with my Rstudio Cloud and Github accounts.

Easy: cloning to RStudio Cloud

It was very easy to get my repository cloned into a RStudio Cloud Project.

Easy: Writing a new post

After installing blogdown in my website project, I was able to use the RStudio Addin’s of new post.

Not Easy: Pushing to Github

I was able to commit and push, but nothing seemed to be happening. I quit trying, and gave up for the night and then retried in the morning and it worked. I am not sure what I did differently.

I used this page to set things up. I didn’t realize what the difference between the console and terminal until this. I love how at roughly 5 months of really, truly using R, I am still running into these fundamental seeming issues, but it hasn’t particularlly slowed me down! (That I know of!) I think that supports my belief that the best way to learn R, is to USE R!

Confusing: .md versus .Rmd

For my new post, nothing was appearing on my website though I saw it on my github. I noticed that I had accidentally saved my file as .md instead of .Rmd. I remember this being an issue two weeks ago (but memories are bad), so I just resaved it as an .Rmd. Commited and Pushed, saw changes, but still no know update to my website.

Easy! Serve the website

I tried to look at my website locally to see if I could see what I expected there to localize where the problem was. I realized after I served the website and saw it looked correct locally, that a lot of files wehre in my git panel and realized that I needed to do that before I would see my post. So I commited those changes to Github and then my website worked!! Very exciting.