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Goals as a chief resident


Tomorrow is my first day as the chief pediatric resident at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC. I have lots of goals for the year, but knowing how chaotic life is in the hospital, I wanted to make sure I wrote them down before they are forgotten! I often find the workflow in hospitals is so busy that it is often to just hard enough to survive the day without building the foundation to try to have more good days.

There is tons of material already available to me, so I will need to careful review those to see what just needs to be updated before I know what I need to make myself.

As the year passes I hope to update each of the these bullet points to show my progress.


  1. Create templates for:
  • Orientation scripts
    • Allow residents to smoothly transition into their rotations
    • Have troubleshooting parts for common issues
  • Lectures
    • Create template that allows for easy creation of materials
  • Workflow descriptions
    • Outline roles and tasks
  1. Introduce verison control where possible in educational materials
  • Creation dates
  • Authors and/or contributors
  • Last updated
  • Estimated date for update
  • Contact information
  1. Update the resident resource website

  2. Redo the resident work room to improve resident workflow and comfort

  3. Create a rounding guide
  • Senior resident tasks
  • Junior resident tasks
  • Presentation format and tips
  1. Create a well automated resident schedule generator