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The first post of the new website

This is my first post on my new website built with the R package blogdown, the help of many online help pages, and my lovely husband. I am using Github and Netlify as well. I don’t have the energy to write a post about how I built this, but here is the list of things that caused pain:

  • in my config.toml file I had replaced the baseurl default of baseurl = "/" with baseurl = "https://www.maraalexeev.com"
  • this causes problems so just keep it as the /

  • on Netlify there is a deploy setting that I did incorrectly so my page worked locally but not online
  • Answer here

  • somehow I got a post on my page from 1 AD (suspect no date was included on something), I renamed my file from a foo.Rmarkdown to foo.Rmd and the problem went away, but I can’t be certain that I didn’t also do something else in my quest.
  • Tip here

Overall, this was an amazing but slightly frustrating experience with most of the frustration being at the deployment phase. Now that I have site up and running, I am beyond excited to start doing more with it. I especially am excited about figuring out how to have my data easily accessible for someone re-running my analysis in something that I post.

A few quick things that I hope to do soon are:

  1. Understand more of what an R project means and how to use it in my workflow
  2. Figure out how to store files and content in a reasonable method
  3. Get amazing at Rmarkdown
  4. Upload old content from my previous website